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MINI Convertible open top profile


The MINI Convertible is back with a thirst for more thrills. With a sleeker design, go-kart handling and smart technology, it’s ready for next-level open-air adventure.

MINI Convertible front-diagonal profile


When it’s nice out, why wait to take it all in? Quick and quiet, the new electrical hood mechanism means you can get a full view in just 20 seconds – even when you’re driving. It’s also a full soft top that keeps its options open; especially now you can opt for the MINI Yours Union Jack design. A 3-in-1 convertible roof, it can be up, down or used as sunroof, opening a gap of around 40 cm to let in the breeze.

MINI Convertible front profile
MINI Convertible side profile


Adventurers are always prepared for anything. That’s why safety comes first in the MINI Convertible. A new invisible rollover crash system is the latest addition to an array of features that protect you and your fellow passengers. Letting you focus on seizing the moment.

MINI Convertible logo projection

logo projection.

Every hero has one. The MINI logo projection option, displays a beam of light from the driver side mirror, to greet you as you enter the car. Think of it as your rallying call to action.

MINI Convertible MINI Connected XL Journey Mate

always open timer.

How do you measure good times? With the optional Always Open Timer of your MINI Convertible, that’s how. It displays the amount of time driven with the roof down, so it’s essentially your feel-good-o-meter.

MINI Convertible rollover protection


The new invisible rollover protection system in the rear belt outlet, disguised by elegant Matt Black caps, opens within a fraction of a second in an emergency to protect passengers. It’s a hidden lifesaver.

MINI Convertible Driving Assistant package,  City Collision Mitigation system


You always know what's coming with MINI's optional Driving Assistant package. The Forward Collision Warning system helps prevent accidents by warning you if the speed difference between your MINI and the traffic ahead is too high, or if the car in front is getting too close. It pre-conditions the brakes for faster response and shorter stopping distances should the need suddenly arise. The City Collision Mitigation system pre-empts sudden changes in urban traffic speed and slows down the car accordingly. Even if you’re momentarily distracted, the MINI never is.

MINI Convertible silhoutte


The Active Pedestrian Protection system reduces injury to pedestrians should you ever collide with someone on the street. Upon impact the bonnet lifts up, minimising the pedestrian’s injuries.

MINI Convertible open-boot rear profile

Design in detail.

Take a closer look at the MINI Convertible to get a better feel of the car.

MINI Convertible side profile

streamlined agility.

There’s no doubt about it – the MINI Convertible is a smooth operator. Slightly longer yet agile proportions create a more streamlined silhouette that’s accentuated by a precisely defined roofline. It’s sleek all round.

MINI Convertible rollover protection

safety. covered.

So subtle you might miss it, but it’s good to know the invisible rollover protection system is there. Where? Only the elegantly designed Matt Black caps with integrated belt outlets offer a discreet hint at this reassuring safety feature.

MINI Convertible Union Jack roof, front-diagonal view

a design first.

It’s a roof unlike any other. Introducing the industry’s first soft-top design: MINI Yours Union Jack. The iconic British flag woven into the fabric is standard in the MINI Cooper S Convertible. Turning heads whether it’s flying up or down.

MINI Convertible front-diagonal profile


Other convertibles can’t compete with such a view. The MINI Convertible’s steeply raked windscreen doesn’t tower above you, creating a large airy space and the feeling of driving under the open sky.

MINI Convertible MINI Yours interior

customisable interior.

Styled to perfection. You can customise your interior in more ways than you ever imagined. There are interior surfaces like MINI Yours Dark Cottonwood or MINI Yours Fibre Alloy to choose from, and you can also tweak the instrument panel and structural elements by selecting your desired version of Colour Line and interior Chrome Line.

MINI Convertible available colours

body colours.

Choose from a wide variety of MINI specific colours.

MINI Convertible rear profile

nice backside.

From behind, the MINI Convertible has a dynamic and polished presence. Taillights are further apart with a sleek Chrome surround, and the Cooper S models, features not one, but two tailpipes on the MINI Cooper S Convertible. At least those trying to catch you up will get a great view.

MINI Convertible back seats

front or back. comfort awaits.

Comfort awaits in the MINI Convertible – even in the back. The redesigned rear seat creates a lounge-like atmosphere with the perks of practicality. While in the front, body-hugging sport seats come as standard. Choose from a range of upholsteries, including Black Pearl Cloth/Leatherette, MINI Yours Leather Lounge Carbon Black or new Leather Chester Malt Brown.

MINI Convertible 18" Cup Spoke 2-Tone wheels


Like your MINI with a sporty spin? Choose the new optional 17” Propeller Spoke 2-Tone light alloy wheels.


Go all out

Go all out.

More power. More exclusive enhancements. And more fun. MINI John Cooper Works models are descended from John Cooper’s rally legends and are just as impressive now as when they were champions of the track. If you are looking to up the excitement as well as the exclusivity of your MINI, look no further.